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The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that appearances and first impressions are of the utmost importance when attracting the ladies. When a man first meets a women she is going to check out everything about him including his car, clothes, hair, shoes, etc. But out of all the things she takes note of, nothing is as important as man’s home. Here are some tips for creating your own, ultimate bachelor pad. In creating the ultimate bachelor pad, and projecting an attractive home, there are four basic screening attributes that it must have.


Comfortable Atmosphere



Keep your place clean

Your place has to be clean. And this does not mean merely giving your room a quick spruce every once and a while. You’ve got to keep your whole house clean and livable. From the dishes to the bed sheets, nothing is worse than a dirty place. If your low on cleaning supplies here’s a list of the regulars.

  • Comet
  • Vacuum
  • Toilet scrub
  • Mop
  • Towels
  • Bleach
  • Windex

If for some reason, you can’t find the time to ding out the whole place or hire a house cleaner, focus on the three female focal points; living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Seeing that most of your interactions in your house with women are going to start in the living room, make sure that it is neat and tidy. Get rid of those beer stains off the coffee table and vacuum under that couch.

In terms of bathroom, make sure it is spotless with an emphasis on the toilet area, shower and sink. Nothing is worse for a women when she has to wash her hands in a dirty sink or wipe down the toilet seat down before sits down. And lastly, keep your bedroom clean. This means clean sheets, bed made, clean floor and everywhere in between. Foul smelling laundry is all it takes for a complete mood kill.

Create a comfortable environment

If she isn’t comfortable in your house, she is not going to want to be there. It’s that plain and simple. And fortunately, there are endless ways to keep your man cave warm and inviting yet still maintain the true essence of manliness.


Having a comfy, nice couch will definitely add to your array of comfortable living. Because your living room is often the focal point of your place, nothing ties it together as much as a really nice sofa couch. Get rid of that freebie couch you’ve had since college and invest in something that will make her want to curl up in your lap to a good movie.


Live Plants are also great for adding comfort, atmosphere and color to your domain. They add life to your place and they demonstrate that you are responsible to take care the things you own. Steer clear of plastic plants,they merely display that you are tacky and not responsible enough to care for real, live ones. Plants can be occasionally time consuming with remembering to water and what not. So if you think you’ll have a problem with the keeping them alive, request more “hard to kill’ plants at your local nursery.


The right lighting is essential in creating the perfect, comfortable Bachelor Pad. Avoid using halogen and stick to warmer, dim lit lamps. Preferably you should have lights where you can adjust the brightness. Chinese, lantern lamps are also great As well as steel standing lamps with multiple fixtures that you can shine in different directions. In terms of other forms of lighting, nothing says comfort in a home than candles. They are cheap. Provide a cozy atmosphere. And many release sweet smells that will make your home more welcoming. When arranging candles remember to disperse them somewhat evenly across the room. Too many candles in one spot can unbalance the ambiance in the room.


Paint on your walls is extremely important and can make or break your bachelor pad. If you stick to warmer, yet subtle colors, you will increase the comfort-factor of your home by ten fold. Tan is good place to start. But don’t feel limited by this suggestion. Painting different walls, different colors can also add much to your place. But make sure before hand, that the colors work well together and still maintain the image you wish to convey. Do however, stay away from bright, solid colors and colors that might send the wrong message i.e. black or hot pink. This is a no brainier. Simply don’t do it.

Display your Uniqueness

Because your home is your domain and you want to express who you are, it is important to add that uniqueness that shouts “This is my home and not someone else’s!” This can be done in numerous ways. You can put up framed art work on the walls. You can keep your vintage instrument on display. Buy a unique sculpture. If you have a camera, it is great to take a bunch of black and white photos and frame them for display.

Avoid putting up posters that you’ve kept since college. Women really don’t care to see the walls covered in bikini models and liquor shots. In terms of other youthful item such as video games and action figure collections, just keep them out of sight when women are around. It’s fine to occasionally nurse your inner nerd. But when women are in your home, make sure they never see them.

Add style to you home

Style is hugely important in making your home an actual bachelor pad. And the beauty is, there are tons of ways to add style to your man cave. One easy way to add style to your home is to have a nice dining table and a coffee table. Glass tables are great and add a sense of openness to your living or dining room. If you want to take it to the extreme, You can top these tables off with glass vases filled with rocks, sand, dried fruits, etc. Just remember to go easy on the rambunctious house play when you the guys over to watch the game. Another simply way to add style is too use ambient mini lights. These can be gems for accentuating certain artwork,photos or wall mounts.

And finally if you really want to add some class to your place, buy a few bottles of good wine, a wine holder and wine glasses. Nothing says class like a good bottle of Pinot Noir or Shiraz.

Don’t be afraid to drop a few hundred extra bucks to make your home the ultimate bachelor pad. It will pay off immensely when you have women into your home.

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