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How to Tell She is Interested in You

A question I am asked a lot is “How can I tell when a girl is interested in me?”. Sure, answers like “when you sense it” or “when you two have a connection” are vague and simple enough to appease most people, but lets break it down a little further.

First off, a good frame of mind is to assume she is always interested you. Not in a way that you are crossing boundaries or laying all your cards on the table, but having a confident mindset will work in your favor.

Physical Signs & Actions That She Might Be Interested

  • She touches you
  • She whispers something
  • She tilts her head playfully
  • She plays with her hair
  • She laughs at your jokes
  • She holds eye contact
  • She asks you questions
  • She is generally just more open to conversation

What to do when you get these signs?

Keep the conversation going; listen and respond to her. Mastering kino touch is essential. Know the difference between a sexual guy (good) and a horny guy (bad). A sexual guy isn’t afraid to talk about a sexual topic or make a joke – he calls an spade a spade – while a horny guy is needy of sex and actions are driven because of it. By having a good time, incorporating touch and giving her subtle signs you are interested too you will find yourself taking things further, more often.

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