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The Essentials: Dating (but, really ...


Originally published on Digital Romance: For some, dating is the best, and for others, it is the worst. For most, it’s somewhere in between.  However, if you’re reading this, my guess is that you are not entirely happy with the current landscape and want to change something.  Am I right?   Many variables go […]

Part 1: How to meet people in a tech...

Part 1:  How to meet people in a tech world

More and more the way to meet people is becoming fragmented.  Our time is split between so many things, our phones, our email, our Netflix obsession, etc… Who’s got time to go out and meet people when there are a multitude of ways at our fingertips.  I’m talking about ONLINE DATING BABY!!  Let’s boil down chemistry […]

Why Hire a Dating Coach? (and how to ...

Why Hire a Dating Coach? (and how to pick out a good one…)

Why a dating coach?  I’m always interested in how people come to the conclusion that they feel the need to seek out a dating coach.  Is it a singular incident that pushes them to pull up Google and type in “dating coach,” or is it a culmination of frustration with the whole process that has […]

5 Things You Do That’s Steering...

5 Things You Do That’s Steering the Opposite Sex Away

We talk a lot about first impressions here at Attractology. There’s no getting around it, a first impression is the physical exterior that makes a statement about who you are (or who you might be) as an individual. Is your exterior telling people what you’re intending to say? Here are five things you may be […]

It’s Not You…. It’s...

It’s Not You…. It’s Me.

The bottom line is this: rejection, like confrontation is hard. No one wants to hurt another’s feelings. No one wants to blatantly say, “I’m just not that into you.” We prefer to speak with our actions. (After all, aren’t they louder than words?)

Fun vs. Fulfillment

Fun vs. Fulfillment

We are all searching for something.  For everyone, it’s something different, but I think it can be boiled down to two things: fun and fulfillment.  Let me explain.  We live our lives searching for fun, to have fun times, fun experiences, just creating fun memories.  Stories that will serve us for the rest of our […]

What He Thinks/What She Thinks Series...

What He Thinks/What She Thinks Series:  Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy out?

Is it OK for Women to Ask Men Out? On a First Date What he’s thinking: (By Tyler) Of course it’s OK for the girl to ask the guy out.  This isn’t the 1950’s.  However, there does need to be a protocol observed by both parties.  Due to the natural wiring of a man, we […]



    Friends, after a brief hiatus, Attractology is back full time to provide you with tools and philosophies to help you feel more confident and attractive everyday.  Does that sound good? Also, thank you for being a part of our community, we really appreciate all of you. OK, here is a topic that I’m […]

Reducing Flakes: The Art of Seeding

Reducing Flakes: The Art of Seeding

In last weeks article on “When to call a girl and what to say” we briefly touched upon a specific component of conversing and setting up a date called “The Art of Seeding.” This week we will be further exploring the concept with the theory behind it and how it works. Before we begin, it […]

When to Call Her and What to Say

When to Call Her and What to Say

So you’ve gone out to a high class lounge for the evening with a group of good buddies. Midway through the evening you started talking to a beautiful woman and were successfully able to captivate her interest and and then ultimately get her number! All the years spent on learning the fundamentals of attraction are finally […]

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